SINGLE REVIEW: Troye Sivan – Rager Teenager!

Ahead of his new EP ‘In A Dream’ which will be released on August 21, Troye Sivan has unveiled another suitably dreamy indie-pop moment. ‘Rager Teenager!’ cohesively continues the sonic that previous singles ‘Take Yourself Home’ and ‘Easy’ have delivered and specifically focuses on the vivid storylines that are driven through the lyrics. 

Paying homage to his wild teenage years, he embraces that coming of age exploration and the youthful rebellion that we all experience. Full of debauchery, this song feels like a celebration of that period in his life as he tries to really find himself in a natural and honest way. 

“I just wanna go wild. I just wanna fuck shit up and just ride in your car tonight, in your bed tonight. I just wanna sing loud. I just wanna lose myself in a crowd, In your arms tonight, or in his arms tonight” he anthemically sings in the pre chorus. And then during the chorus he intimately confesses to himself; “hey my lil’ rager teenager, tryna figure it out. Living a season of screaming and turning it out”. 

In an experimental indie-pop format, he switches up the production to give you something that is a little unexpected. Allowing the verses to drive the beat and flow of the song, he strips it back for the chorus to have a raw intimacy that reflects on the quiet moments where he reassures himself that it’s okay to be a little reckless in these self explorative times. 

Keeping it very moody and aesthetically dark, there is atmospheric synths and distorted beats that build throughout the song into an experimental outro similar to ‘Take Yourself Home’. This is another exciting track that hears Sivan maturing as an artist and songwriter, while also continuing his own self discovery journey.