SINGLE REVIEW: SUNFLOWER – Get Yourself Together

After introducing themselves to the world earlier this year with their timely and hopeful debut single ‘Better Days’, SUNFLOWER are ready to allow listeners to get to know them even more with their empowering new single ’Get Yourself Together’.

With a recently rearranged line-up, the band tightens their sonical vision led by Kahlia Ferguson and Lawson Doyle, with the addition of Luke Woods on drums, Sam Woods on bass and Dave Webster on lead guitar. 

This single continues the seventies inspired rock-soul sound powered by Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones, and has this very natural and organic feel to it. It also hears Kahlia taking lead on the verses with Lawson then joining in for the chorus, whereas on ‘Better Days’ it was reversed. 

Dedicated to anyone that feels lost in who they are and their direction in life, ‘Get Yourself Together’ aims to be a reminder that they are powerful and can succeed at anything they aim to do. “You got to get yourself together, baby it’s now or never. You got to get yourself together, maybe we can do a little better” they sing during the strong chorus. 

Sometimes that’s all the encouragement we need to find the power inside of us to keep fighting in the moments that feel really dark and unmanageable. 

This is yet another strong and soulful moment for SUNFLOWER who are promising themselves to be an act that you really need and want to get to know.