SINGLE REVIEW: LÉON – Chasing A Feeling

LÉON is a rising Swedish singer-songwriter who heavily impressed with her synth soaked and emotionally driven self-titled debut album last year. As she headed into the new beginnings of 2020, she started to release a string of singles including ‘In A Stranger’s Arms’, ‘Who You Lovin’ and ‘And It Breaks My Heart’ which would later be unveiled as the first tastes of her forthcoming sophomore record. 

‘Apart’ will be finally released on October 30 and hears her continuing that cohesive reflection into the emotions of love, heartbreak and the in-between moments. Her new single ‘Chasing A Feeling’ is another perfect representation of that vision and explodes with nostalgic and atmospheric synths. 

“You used to drown out my crazy just by the touch of your hand” she intimately details in the beginning lines of the song. As the song progresses she explores the decline of a relationship that she is desperately trying to hold onto, instead of admitting defeat in the fact that it’s run it’s course. “I’ve been saying that I need you, but I don’t know. It’s not your fault we’re changing. Maybe time just got us both” she confesses during the pre-chorus. 

As the song nears the end, she questions in the bridge how she would react if it really did end. Would she be full of regret? Could she handle that? “But if we broke it off, would I find myself in a bar Talking bout the one I lost, the one that got away. My mind will be on you, if you’re out there with somebody new, and I’ll go mad. You always want what you can’t have” she sings. 

Highlighting this reflective journey, the song continues the niche 80’s atmosphere she’s previously honed, intertwined with a current indie-pop touch. It’s very nostalgic and encourages that deep reflection. There’s a strong rhythmic touch that glides the listener through from start to finish so effortlessly.