Following in the footsteps of her recent single ‘Hard To Say’ featuring I.E., GRAACE is wanting to show listeners a more confident side of her artistry sonically while still holding onto her vulnerable roots. ‘Body Language’ is a lush new single that puts a spotlight on the seductiveness that captured listeners with her sun-soaked debut single ‘Kissing Boys’ and her electrifying Hayden James collaboration ‘NUMB’. 

Oozing with dark and moody electronic synths and beats, this song lives in a very underground pop world that feels exciting and fresh. It’s not over-produced or hyper-pop conscious in the sense that she’s not trying to emulate any of her peers. 

Produced by longterm friend and collaborator, Hayden James, he definitely manages that essence well and doesn’t allow it to sidetrack the seductive flow. GRAACE’s vocals also brings that vulnerable edge to the confident song so effortlessly and immediately entrances you. 

Lyrically reflecting on the raw attraction you can straight away have with someone, you naturally just want to spend time with them and allow the moment to speak for itself. And from there the chemistry starts to drive things even more. “Speak to me with this body language. So I don’t have to say it” she sings during the chorus. 

Stepping towards this bold confidence, ‘Body Language’ is a fun track that will have you wanting to dance and vibe accordingly. It’s also a perfect segue towards this new chapter in her sound as she continually evolves and grow. There’s an unreleased song called ’Downgraded’ that she premiered on her last tour that fans have been patiently waiting for, which is full of sass and attitude, and would be the perfect transition from this track.