With her fifth studio album ‘Child In Reverse’ slated for an October 30 release, Kate Miller-Heidke is returning to her pop roots for one of her most experimental efforts yet. To coincide with the exciting announcement, the Brisbane singer-songwriter has also dropped the bold second single ‘Deluded’. 

Following in the footsteps of ‘This Is Not Forever’, she doesn’t hold back from giving you her signature theatrical sound intertwined with a brooding alt-pop production. Embodying a pure freshness, this captivating sonic, which was produced by Evan Klar, is a glimpse into this new pop world she’s created for this album. It’s more upbeat and has a natural groove intertwined to the production compared to the sombre stylings of the previous lead single.

Reflecting on the awkward mix of emotions you experience when you start to get to know someone, she ponders on the overthinking and ultimately decides to embrace the love soaked delusion. “Don’t you wanna tell me how you feel?” she questions before proclaiming “So maybe I’m deluded. So get deluded with me” during the infectious chorus. 

The accompanying music video is an aesthetically matching moment that serves you quirky choreography and captivating cinematography. Check out the exclusive behind the scenes gallery captured by Jeff Anderson BELOW;