SINGLE REVIEW: Yorke – Gravity

Over the past two years Yorke has been introducing herself to listeners through her strong indie-pop songs that have been emotionally driven and cinematically styled. But all of that has just been the lead-up to her defining pop MOMENT, which happens in the bold ‘Gravity’. 

Finding that creative confidence within herself, this song hears her stepping into the Lorde and Taylor Swift pop lane. It’s something that has always been reachable for her sonically, but there was a lot of self reflection and growth that had to happen before she got there. 

Happily in full experimentation mode, this song hears her embracing her imagination and creating a storyline that circles around a love story between an alien and a human who are struggling to co-exist in each other’s orbit. The hopelessly romantic sentiment of the song is fully attached and radiates a pure euphoria. “I push and you pull right back and I’m falling fast, right into your gravity” she sings during the pulsating pop hook. 

Produced by Hank Solo and Japanese Wallpaper, they take the song from it’s atmospheric indie-pop beginnings during the first verse and turn it into this arena-ready world of bold synths and experimental layering. It’s honestly everything you wanted (and needed) from the Taylor Swift ‘Lover’ era. It’s fun, experimental, playful and wholesome. 

With each listen it just grows on you even more while it’s euphoric production lifts you out of gravity and into a new orbit of transmission. This is Yorke’s biggest pop moment yet, and I am so excited of the growth and artistic exportation that will be happening in this new chapter for the Byron Bay singer-songwriter.