SINGLE REVIEW: Billie Eilish – My Future

Billie Eilish’s skyrocket trajectory was something that no one could’ve expected. But it’s one that is truly worthy, and has paved the way for a whole new sound to take over commercial radio. 

With the current COVID-19 pandemic putting her world arena tour on hold, Eilish has returned home to self-reflect on everything that has happened over the past couple of years, because for the most part it’s been a whirlwind of emotions and memories. 

Written at the beginning of quarantine, her new single ‘My Future’ is a homage to that self-reflection the we’ve all been faced to do within this time. Taking a moment to look back at her own success, she ponders how she doesn’t need someone else’s love to make her feel whole, and instead is in love with herself and her future. 

“Cause I, I’m in love with my future. Can’t wait to meet her” she sings during the chorus before further questioning it in the second verse. “I know supposedly I’m lonely now. Know I’m supposed to be unhappy without someone. But aren’t I someone?”. 

Beginning with echoing vocals and minimalist piano keys, this slow-burner incorporates a hypnotic beat during the second verse that gives the song a much needed baseline. With the lyrical content stepping away from her dark past and stepping into a hopeful light, the song really needed to highlight that. 

It’s a song that grows on you with each listen. It’s not one of her best singles, but it’s definitely a song that people will be able to relate to and has a positive message to embrace during a time of unknown.