AYA YVES introduced herself to the world earlier this year with the dark and echoing debut single ‘(in)Sanity’ which dived straight into the complexity of meeting someone that isn’t emotionally available and knowingly putting yourself through that toxicity. It was very much a relatable moment of reflection that immediately captivated listeners and brought you into this atmospheric world she’s created.

Now the talented singer-songwriter is back with the next chapter of this bold introduction. ‘Smart Girls’ is sassy break-up song that embodies the heaviness of self reflection with an intertwining sense of empowerment and recognition of her self-worth. 

“You say you want a good thing, but you wouldn’t know a good thing if it hit you in the face, babe” she sings during the chorus before sassily proclaiming “Smart girls make mistakes, babe”. 

The attitude is playful, and it’s everything you wish you could say to an ex in a cool, calm and collected manner. Complimenting that aesthetic with dark and brooding production, she gives you a sound that sonically sits between Banks and Vera Blue. Oozing with moody synths and dramatic keys, the song’s sonic shifts for the chorus when she strips it back to just a simple guitar riff. It would’ve been really easy for her to go all out with a sassy pop production to match the lyrics, but she holds back to give you a moment of memorable contrast. 

AYA YVES is a newcomer to watch, and ‘Smart Girls’ is a perfect representation of the bold and moody pop that she is going to be well known for. Watch this space!