SINGLE REVIEW: Ava Max – Who’s Laughing Now

Ava Max has confidently dominated the charts and radio alike with her singles ‘Sweet But Psycho’, ‘So Am I’ and ‘Kings & Queens’, and now she is ready to finally unveil her debut album ‘Heaven & Hell’. 

With the album slated for a September 18 release, the American singer-songwriter is giving fans another taste of what’s to come with her catchy new single ‘Who’s Laughing Now’. 

Dedicated to anyone who has come in the way of Ava and her dream, she explicitly tells them that they are stupid to think that their words or actions are going to stop her from working her way to the top. With a lot of empowering imagery used throughout the song, she gives listeners that hope that your hard work and persistence does pay off even though people try to continually weigh you down and make you believe it won’t. “Don’t ya know that I’m stronger? Don’t ya see me in all black? Don’t ya cry like a baby Ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha, who’s laughing now?” she sings during the infectious hook. 

Growing on you with each listen, the rhythmic pop production is layered with playful synths and a latin inspired riff. Ultimately the sassy undertones will translate perfectly to the live stage and bring something quite different and liberating compared to her previous material which is exciting to see.