SINGLE REVIEW: Foxes – Woman

Following the release of the hopeful and vibrant ‘Love Not Loving You’ in May, Foxes is continuing giving her fans new music after a long four year wait in-between albums.  

‘Woman’ is a tender and vulnerable moment that shines a light on a different side of Foxes that we haven’t heard in a very long time. While sonically the production is very raw and stripped back, she still enables a sense of empowerment as she reclaims her control as a woman and stands up for equality and injustices. 

“If freedom is a gift, sing out. I wanna see the walls come down. If everybody breathes, then I know that I’m a person, I’m human, I’m a woman” she sings during the powerful chorus that beautifully embodies the sentiment of the song. But it’s also the lyrics in the second verse that cut deep with it’s emotional layering. “It’s all the little things in life that make me. It’s all the ways I’ve changed throughout the years. It’s not about the faults, the flaws, the failures. We were made to tear apart”. 

Highlighting her powerful vocals, this song keeps the production in a simplistic form with just a piano guiding her through the emotions. As the song climaxes, some soothing strings are included in the mix but aren’t overpowering to the overall vision. From start to finish this is a very beautiful ballad that highlights a contrast in Foxes’ artistry and growth, and will have you even more excited to hear what else is coming from the British singer-songwriter.