SINGLE REVIEW: Whethan feat. K.Flay – Hurting On Purpose

With Whethan’s debut album ‘FANTASY’ slated for release later this year, the Chicago based producer has been dropping a string of singles to welcome you into the sonical world this body of work lives within.

Following in the footsteps of ‘So Good’ featuring Bulow, ‘Upside Down’ featuring Grouplove, ‘All In My Head’ featuring Grandson and ‘Stay Forever’ featuring STRFKR, he’s welcomed a new playful track to his growing discography.

‘Hurting On Purpose’ featuring K.Flay is a buoyant sounding EDM track that interpolates indie-rock elements into the production to offer a brash juxtaposition. At the roots of this upbeat banger is a self-destructive narrative that hears them confessing that they aren’t feeling okay and are trying to numb the pain away with distractions which in fact is just causing more of an issue.

“I’ve been smoking, drinking, drinking, smoking, smoking, drinking. I’ve been doing what I shouldn’t ’til my mind ain’t thinking. And it’s good ’cause it’s bad, cuts and it kills, but I’m sick of how it feels. Don’t you know I’m hurting on purpose?” K.Flay honestly sings.

It’s a self-destructive tactic that a lot of us subconsciously do, and it’s something I personally resonate with. What Whethan has successfully done through this song is represent the chaotic nature of that behaviour with a DIY production which is so addictive and perfectly all over the place. The distorted drop is EVERYTHING!

The only negative thing about this song is that it’s so short. At only 2 minutes long, you will be wishing it was a little longer so you could keep dancing. But I guess that just means you will need to press replay.