SINGLE REVIEW: Maroon 5 – Nobody’s Love

Maroon 5 had a long track record of smash hits that dominated radio and charts alike, starting back in 2002 with ‘This Love’ and ‘She Will Be Loved’. And to be honest they still do, with recent hits ‘Memories’, ’Girls Like You’ and ‘What Lovers Do’ receiving that same heavy rotation. But the music just isn’t the same. The heart and soul isn’t there anymore. And the innovative playfulness is non existent. 

All their new songs are sonically blurring into one and it’s getting a little predictable and boring. ‘Nobody’s Love’ is another prime example of that with a hyped up concept that was supposedly inspired by the recent COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests. But instead the song is just Adam Levine singing about only wanting one particular person’s love and not wanting them to leave him. Am I missing the emotive connection here? 

“If my love ain’t your love, then it’s nobody’s. Only yours, only yours, not just anybody’s. And if you ever leave, then I’m never gon’ want nobody, nobody’s love” he densely sings during the chorus. 

And to make this lacklustre song even more unappealing, the production is simplistically put together by some synth beats that erase most of the members of the band from the sonic completely. 

Its a proven fact that Maroon 5 know how to write great songs with interesting sonics, so it would be great if they could go back to doing that.