SINGLE REVIEW: Jeremy Zucker – Supercuts

Jeremy Zucker only released his debut album ‘Love Is Not Dying’ in April, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic he hasn’t been able to immerse himself in touring like planned, so he’s been working on some new music to soak yourself in. 

‘Supercuts’ is the first taste of this new music and it feels like a radiant sunny summer’s afternoon. The New Jersey singer-songwriter begins with a simple guitar riff and pop beat that continually grows throughout the song’s duration. Interpolating some atmospheric synths and vocal effects, he keeps you entranced within the music and has you simultaneously swaying along. 

There is a distinct contrast of emotions from the upbeat production to the emotional hold of the lyrics. Reflecting on knowing that a relationship is going to inevitably fail, he questions why he’s putting himself and the other person through this to only end up heartbroken and strangers again. 

“Cause I don’t wanna be someone who makes you happy then lets you down, we’ll both feel crappy. I’ll hate your friends when this shit ends. Well, alright” he sings during the catchy hook. 

Learning to live in the moment and just embrace what is happening right now, ‘Supercuts’ is the perfect embodiment of summer. It’s about avoiding the inevitable and just being present even though it might hurt you in the longterm. It’s also just another great track from Jeremy Zucker that you won’t be able to stop listening to.