SINGLE REVIEW: Evie Irie – Little More Love

Evie Irie is a newcomer you need to get acquainted with ASAP. Her debut EP ‘5 Weeks In LA’ was an explosive affair of indie-pop that immediately turned heads. And at the front of that EP was the angsty anthem ‘Bitter’ which showed listeners the instant command she can have. 

Her second EP ‘The Optimist’ will be released on August 14, and it follows in the footsteps of recent trap beat led single ‘Worst Enemy’. Joining the track listing is the anthemic new single ‘Little More Love’ which contains a euphoric punch of wholesomeness. 

The timely song hears the Sydney born singer-songwriter exclaiming that the world needs a little more love, and that we need a little more compassion for each other. With everything that is currently happening with COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter protests and the chaos surrounding the forthcoming US Election, we do just need to be there for each other. After all, we are all human, and we are all just trying our best to survive. 

“We just need a little more love. People taking care of each other. You’re my sister, you are my brother. We just need a little more love. Starve the hate and feed the kindness. Put all of the fear behind us. We just need a little more love” she sings during the euphoric hook. 

Leading this song with a pure pop production, this is definitely her most commercially friendly release yet. It just explodes with positivity through the use of big synths and the raw power behind her vocal delivery. It’s honestly an anthem for right now and we all need to embrace the sentiment in our own lives.