SINGLE REVIEW: Swaré – Only You

Swaré is ready to bring back some nostalgic Jamiroquai meets Miami Horror vibes into the world, and brighten your 2020 with his infectious and empowering new single. 

‘Only You’ hears the Sydney based singer, songwriter and producer taking more of a slick indie-pop meets disco approach with the production as he guides listeners on an intergalactic exploration of how you’re ultimately the master of your own destiny.

Reflecting on the people he had around him in his inner circle, he realised that they held a lot of negativity and didn’t believe in the same vision that he had for himself. But it was in those pondering moments that he realised the only he can alter his own path and lead himself to success. The empowering sentiment echoes throughout the song with the chorus proclaiming “Cause only you, can set you free”. 

Layered with slick synths and intricate pulsating production, he perfectly captures that unfiltered confidence that we all need to embrace in our day-to-day lives. It has a heavy disco influence that is then polished up by a indie-pop sensibility, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

With a natural groove immediately taking over your body, all you will want to do is move along to this infectious track.