SINGLE REVIEW: Merci, Mercy – Fall Apart

Earlier this year Merci, Mercy joined the chat with her brutally honest debut single ‘Fucked Myself Up’ that combined candid vulnerability with a juxtaposition of bubbly indie-pop production. Quickly gaining quite the strong momentum, the song has surpassed 2.75 million streams on Apple Music and Spotify collectively and marked her as a newcomer you need to watch. 

Her highly anticipated follow up single ‘Fall Apart’ is an equally vulnerable song with a strong pop sonical twist that hears her exploring the cynical side of her mindset. 

Reflecting on the internal dialogue that occurs when she meets someone new, she finds herself questioning what the point in trying is when she knows it’s just going to eventually end in her being heartbroken. Losing sight of the hope that many of us thrive on, she gives you a very reflective pop moment that is the perfect 12am thoughts banger. 

“I’m gonna hurt you. I hate it but I can’t help it. Why would we start, why would we start when I know we’re gonna fall apart. I’m going to hurt you cause I’m always breaking shit” she sings during the pre-chorus. 

Continuing with the guitar led pop production, this song gives you a groovy little riff that is built upon with the addition of buzzing synths. While it is lyrically self-deprecating, there is a euphoric hold behind the production that feels quite uplifting. 

This is a very strong follow up single for the exciting newcomer who is ready to keep giving you some vulnerably charged bangers.