SINGLE REVIEW: Kylie Minogue – Say Something

After a brief experimentation with country-pop on ‘Golden’, Kylie Minogue has returned to her roots for her highly anticipated fifteenth studio album ‘DISCO’, which will be released on November 6. 

The lead single ‘Say Something’ sets the sonical pre-tense as she steps back in time to a sound that led her to the top of the charts multiple times. It also has that pop-freshness that really drove the foundations of ‘X’ which is still one of her most underrated records to date. 

With a strong synth baseline and groovy guitar riff laying down the foundations for this song, the production really embodies that nostalgic essence whole heartedly. But the best thing is that it doesn’t sound dated or out of touch, which has been helped by artists like Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga who have also recently embraced the 80’s aesthetic in their music. 

Sonically the production is very tight, but the structuring is a little confusing and awkward. The chorus is VERY brief and almost sounds like it’s cut off and should still have two lines remaining. It builds quickly before just disappearing and returning to the verse riff. 

Lyrically this song is all about love and the power of unity which is a message that is super important with the current state of the world. “Cause love is love, it never ends. Can we all be as one again?” she sings. 

Embodying a feeling of pure euphoria this song will just make you feel good and have you wanting to dance around, which is what every great Kylie song in the past has made you done. But I still want a longer chorus.