SINGLE REVIEW: No Frills Twins – Big Heart

Following in the footsteps of the cinematic freedom that ‘Paper Love’ embodied, the No Frills Twins have successfully captured a bold moment of self acceptance through their honest new single.

‘Big Heart’ is a moment of clarity for both Arna and Vanessa Rogers as they openly address their sexuality and what that discovery has personally felt and looked like for them. Bursting with a coming of age essence, this song feels like the perfect soundtrack moment while you playfully try to articulate your words. 

There are moments of light and shade through out the song with playful lyrics like; “I rather be bent than ever be straight” giving you that tongue and cheek attitudewhile they also give you emotively  charged moments like; “I still remain proud and non-changed. I’m not hiding, I’m not fighting myself to be somebody else”. 

Channeling a Robyn inspired sonic, the pulsating synths behind the chorus drive this pure energy into your lives that makes you just want to scream out the lyrics euphorically. Stripping it back to a DIY indie-pop delivery during the verses, they serve me some Julia Michaels inspired sonic and energy. 

It’s a song that is unapologetically authentic in every way possible. It’s playful, yet serious. It’s quirky, yet current. And it’s empowering, while also being emotively reflective. 

This is yet again another impressive moment for this talented duo who are only just getting started.