At this point I’m just convinced that CXLOE can do no wrong. The Australian singer-songwriter has continually delivered an array of strong dark-pop songs that are equally brooding, anthemic and catchy.

Through their emotive foundations she’s been able to talk about the dark side of the music industry, mental health, love and heartbreak. But now she’s ready to speak about something that may just be the most vulnerable light we’ve heard her in yet. 

’12 Steps’ is a song all about addiction and how it’s impacted her upbringing and the people around her. Reflecting on the 12 step process that people face in an addiction program, she mirrors the process to how you should also deal with a toxic relationship, as addiction can genuinely be from anything. 

“I get drunk but I got no problem. Get high but I love a rock bottom. Bad habits wouldn’t say I gotta have it, but I’m always 12 steps from your door step” she sings during the pulsating chorus. 

Beginning with a dark and brooding production, the atmospheric delivery builds into a euphoric release of synths that elevates the sound and feel. With that captivating synth immediately taking over your body during the chorus, you just want to groove along with her. 

While this may be one of the most vulnerable moments lyrically for CXLOE so far, there is a euphoric sense of release found in her delivery. She’s letting her truth out into the world and allowing the world to dance along and find solace in what she’s saying.