SINGLE REVIEW: Troye Sivan – Easy

Troye Sivan has never shied away from baring his heart and soul to listeners since the humble beginnings of his debut EP ‘TRXYE. And since then he’s evolved as an artist and as a young man while taking listeners along for that self discovery journey which has soundtracked so many people’s own unique experiences. 

Following the release of his sophomore album in 2018 ‘Bloom’, Sivan has excitingly returned with the promise of a reflective body of work titled ‘In A Dream’ slated for a August 21 release. 

‘Take Yourself Home’ gave listeners an immediate gauge at the experimental and DIY charged indie-pop he wants to deliver in this new era while still holding onto his dreamy roots. And ‘Easy’ is a beautiful continuation of that. 

Soaked in a 80’s infatuated sound, Sivan contrasts the heaviness of infidelity though it’s honest lyrics and a pulsating sonic that has you naturally grooving along. Beginning with it’s immediate 808 beat that takes you back to the DIY elements of garage-pop, he naturally keeps it in that realm for the full duration. Unlike it’s predecessor, the song doesn’t shift sonically with only a bit of distortion added towards the end. 

The most gimmicky intention behind this song sonically is the ‘woo’s’ that are perfectly timed in creating a cute little quirk.

Lyrically he opens up about the rocky side of a long-term relationship that suffers a case of infidelity from his behalf. Begging for his lover back, he declares that it didn’t mean anything and that his love still resides within his arms. “You ran away to find something to say. I went astray to make it okay. And he made it easy, darlin” he truthfully sings. 

This is honestly a very beautiful moment for Troye Sivan. Capturing a raw maturity within his songwriting, this song is a moment of personal release.