SINGLE REVIEW: Anne-Marie feat. Doja Cat – To Be Young

Anne-Marie knows how to deliver bonafide bops and Doja Cat is on a serious chart assassination at the moment, so I honestly expected something bigger when it was announced these two powerhouses were collaborating. Instead ‘To Be Young’ was a safe fusion of what they’ve both previously done in the past. 

It’s not a bad song in any means, it’s just a safe track that could’ve been bolder and more experimental within it’s sonical layers. Also it could’ve showcased more of their individual personalities as both artists are quite well known for their playful exteriors and that was barely highlighted. 

The nostalgic leaning track hears them both confessing to live in the moment and allow all the mistakes to be made, and all their heartbreak to happen, as that is what life intended for all of us. “Fall in love, broken heart. Break the rules, drink too much. We’re all a mess, but I guess this is what it feels like to be young” Anne-Marie sings during the chorus. 

Floating in that mellowed out pop sound, I was waiting for it to soar higher and give us something truly out of this world, but it didn’t. The dreamy sonic gives it the nostalgic touch which is it’s real drawcard.