SINGLE REVIEW: Lovemedo feat. Don Leaton – Weekdays

Following the release of his debut EP ‘Miss You When I’m Bored’, it’s become apparent that Lovemedo knows how to write a straight up pop banger. And his first single of 2020 ‘Weekdays’ featuring Don Leaton is another prime example of that. 

Soaked in bold production that bursts with a hopeful sense of euphoria and nostalgia, the Central Coast singer-songwriter serves you a real pop punch. With a sound similar to The 1975’s earlier material, this song is heavily layered in synths, guitars and drum pads. 

Opening with an atmospheric growing synth, it anthemically builds into this explosion of sound that could perfectly open up his future live shows in the biggest pop star way possible.

Perfectly resonating with the hopeful feel of the production, this song reflects on the honest struggles that mental health can play as a reoccurring role in your life. Always knowing it will be there, you kind of come to terms with it and just hope you can manage it better in future situations. 

“Starts with a weekday, and then it turns into months. Whether you like it or not, you’re gonna be here a lot. So pick a sad face, cause there’s more than just one to choose from, I’ve got a bunch” he sings during the opening moments of the first verse. 

The song is full of great visual lyrical moments like “cause I eat bad days for lunch, then bad days come all at once” and “Don’t wanna be alone tonight, I wanna poison my lungs and fly”. But there is also the emotionally charged lyrics like “It’s getting harder by the hour” and “I’m 21, not having fun” that have a lot more depth hidden behind the words. 

Lovemedo is an artist that truly excites me, and after you listen to this song you will understand why.


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