SINGLE REVIEW: Genes – Better

Genes is a bonafide pop star and there’s honestly no denying it now. From her introductory pop-roller ‘Give It Away’ to the gushingly loved up ‘When I’m Around You’, she’s given you near perfect moments that have made you intriguingly excited. But her new single ‘Better’ is THE moment you were waiting for, and it’s going to flaw you. 

Soaked in a Robyn meets Carly Rae Jepsen sonic, this song finds a home in the euphoric and emotional soundscape. Starting with the atmospheric low buzzing of keys, it adds a pulsating beat that then drives it into a explosion of synths for a HUGE chorus. 

It’s truly a song of celebration and hope, as Genes finds herself on the other side of a toxic relationship feeling better off without that past significant other in her life anymore. It’s such a freeing moment when you finally get there and can see them for the person they truly are. But it’s also a mix of relief and empowerment, because you realise that you got to the other side after feeling so hurt, alone, lost and confused in the past. 

“We can’t be friends. What did you expect? You probably didn’t think I could be so cold. But you’re the mess, already with someone else. Lovers turned to strangers when it’s over” she admits during the opening moments of the song. And as she glides into the epic chorus she euphorically proclaims, “But I’m better, so much better, when you’re not on my mind”. 

With all the strong lyrics in this break-up anthem, this line kept standing out to me after every listen; “I used to care so much for you, but now I can’t pretend I do”. It’s such a personally satisfying moment for anyone that has felt that way in the past. 

Layered with 80’s pop realness and a groovy guitar riff that has you ready to glide away across the dance floor, this song will just make you feel GOOD. 

‘Better’ might just be one of the best pop songs of the year, and honestly, that’s huge. 


Listen to Better on Spotify. Genes · Single · 2020 · 1 songs.