SINGLE REVIEW: Will Hyde – Meant To Be

After introducing himself to listeners last month with the bold debut single ‘easy for u.’, Will Hyde is ready to keep the strong pop vibes flowing with a even BIGGER track.

‘meant to be.’ is a track that you will hear once and immediately fall in love with and want to press replay again, and again. On surface level it’s just a bright and upbeat track that genuinely makes you feel good. The production is bouncy and has these really interesting DIY elements that make it sonically a very interesting listen. But then you dive further into the storyline, and there are levels of contrasting emotions that pull you in deeper.

Reflecting on the end of a relationship where you’re desperately trying to move on, you do eventually start to feel better and feel like you could. But sometimes when you do, you realise that you still have a lot of feelings for that person and the relationship you had, and it makes you second guess everything. It’s confusing but it’s also something that is very common.

“You and me, we got history. Are we meant to be? But our chemistry’s slippery, bitter sweet, grit my teeth, fuck it. If we fall across that line, would we be different this time?” he sings during the electric hook. 

With a pulsating production layered with slick synths and a groovy guitar riff, this song hears him channeling the sonic of 5 Seconds Of Summer meets Neiked in such an exciting way. 

This is yet another huge song for a very exciting new artist who is only just getting started!