SINGLE REVIEW: Tkay Maidza feat. Kari Faux – Don’t Call Again

Ever since the release of her highly acclaimed EP ‘Last Year Was Weird, Vol 1’ in 2018, Tkay Maidza has been authentically showing the world who she is as an artist. Peeling back the manufactured pop layers of her debut album, she has gone back to her hip-hop roots with this honest sound that is truly so exciting. 

‘Last Year Was Weird, Vol 2’ will finally be released on August 7 and she’s not holding back from giving listeners another cohesive and strong look into her artistry. Lead singles ‘Shook’ and ‘Awake’ give you pure hype vibes, but the follow up single shows you a completely opposite side to her. 

‘Don’t Call Again’ featuring Kari Faux is a slow jam RNB moment that is reminiscent of the likes of SZA and Kali Uchis, but also interpolates a 70’s pop ballad sound into the mix. It’s something that has a groove in it’s own unique way and will have you transfixed on every word she soothingly sings. 

Reflecting on the end of a relationship, she explains how nothing new can be said to change her mind and that she’s over hearing the excuses and pointless words. It’s exhausting and when you’re done, you just know. “I said it all, all I need to say. No, don’t hit my line. Please don’t call again” she honestly croons during the chorus. 

This is a beautiful moment of growth and maturity for Tkay Maidza, and it’s also an exciting sonical continuation of the pure delivery that ‘Say It’ and ‘White Rose’ from her last EP offered.