SINGLE REVIEW: Woodes – Euphoria

Excitingly announcing the start of a new chapter in her career, Woodes has confirmed that her debut album ‘Crystal Ball’ will finally be released on October 2. 

Joining the previously released singles ‘This Is My Year’ and ‘How Long I’d Wait’, she has coincided this announcement with her brand new single, ‘Euphoria’. 

With an appropriately euphoric feeling driving the pulsating emotion of this song, she teamed up with The Kite String Tangle to help hone the arrays of levels it explores. 

Reflecting on the exciting exploration of feelings when you fall in love with someone, this song feels like a true celebration of connection. With lyrics like “I wanna chase it, the feeling of the sun. I can’t erase it, even if I try. Euphoria, it’s glorious. Euphoria, the two of us”, she immediately transports you to a moment when you’ve just stared at someone and felt so grateful that they found you. 

Matching that emotion with a production that is so playful and experimental, she dives head first into the synth based formula that she explored on recent single ‘Silent Disco’. With a keys and synth base, she adds in a saxophone and a dreamy aesthetic to have you feeling all giddy with her. While her experimental foundations are in-tact, this is one of the most straight-pop directed singles we have heard from her yet.

‘Euphoria’ captures her growth as an artist as she heads into her debut album territory and continues to impress listeners with her cinematic soundscape.