SINGLE REVIEW: Wafia – Hurricane

Wafia is currently loading the next chapter of her musical journey with the release of her forthcoming EP ‘Good Things’ which be released on August 21. Following in the footsteps of the empowering anthem ‘Pick Me’ which heard her choosing herself while feeling trapped in a toxic relationship, she’s ready to keep those good vibes flowing. 

‘Hurricane’ is another new song that she premiered earlier this year on her sold out Australian tour. Reflecting on the next stage of the break-up process, she explores being afraid of the friendships she could lose from parting ways with that person, and the heavy feeling of being weighed down you can feel from that. But what this process really showed her was the constant level of support and love she does actually have around her, even if some of them are on the other side of the world. They are her real MVP’S. 

“Cause sometimes all I’m tryna say is I’m lonely. You’re a million miles away and it weighs me down. But everything stops when you call me. I’m a hurricane, could you hold me down?” she sings during the groovy chorus. 

Continuing the low-key vibes of ‘Pick Me’, this song also has a RNB-pop heart driving it’s production. With a strong baseline captivating you immediately, the natural feeling of the guitars and syncopated drums really makes you feel so connected and will immediately have the hook cemented in your head. 

‘Hurricane’ is yet another sure-fire hit for Wafia.