SINGLE REVIEW: San Cisco – Messages

As we creep into the fourth month of global restrictions, San Cisco are well and truly ready to have you dancing again. Following the release of their recent EP ‘Flaws’ and their groovy single ‘On The Line’, the Fremantle trio have excitingly announced the release of their fourth studio album ‘Between You And Me’ for September 4. 

To add to the excitement of the announcement, they’ve also dropped their new single ‘Messages’ which continues the upbeat and pop aesthetic that this new album sonically embodies. 

With Scarlett Stevens taking on the lead vocals, she explores the annoyances of shitty friendships and highlights the frustrating reality of being left on read. 

“I sent you a message but you never replied. I guess you got something better on your mind” she sings during the pre chorus before proclaiming “and I know that you will do anything that you wanna do. Yeah, I’m gonna fade from you like a temporary tattoo” during the hook. 

It’s a playful concept that is executed in a really upbeat fashion. Continuing the retrospective pop experimentation that their recent releases have explored, they have those festival ready guitar riffs effortlessly intertwining with nostalgic synths. 

It’s a short and punchy pop track that will have you just wanting to dance and be silly with your friends while you secretly plot your revenge for when they don’t reply to you.