SINGLE REVIEW: Paige – Waves

Soaked in heavy emotions and raw truths, Paige has been recently giving you tender pop moments like ‘Yellow’ and ‘Cold Blooded’ that have tugged on your heartstrings and comforted your soul. 

Dropping one last single before the release of her highly anticipated new EP, the New Zealand singer-songwriter explores the ups and downs of becoming a better version of yourself. 

‘Waves’ hears her navigating those personal realisations that have led her to wanting to be transparent with people about the reality of mental health, heartbreak, sexuality and life. “These feelings come in waves. I know I’ve got some things I need to change, to be better, a better me” she honestly sings during the chorus. 

Opening with a beautiful strings intro, she segues into a guitar led production that hears her plucking away acoustically. For the second verse they add in a simplistic pop beat that elevates the production which gives it a mid 2000’s JoJo spin.

Revealing on Instagram that this song has taken three years to finish, you can actually hear the evolution and growth at it’s core. It’s very retrospective and a nice all-rounded sound. 


Listen to Waves on Spotify. Paige · Song · 2020.