SINGLE REVIEW: Katy Perry – Smile

Katy Perry may be towards the end of her pregnancy but that’s not slowing her down from releasing her highly anticipated sixth studio album. 

‘Smile’ is slated for a August 14 release’ and from the previously released singles ‘Never Really Over’, ‘Daisies’ and ‘Harleys In Hawaii’, the Californian singer-songwriter is unashamedly going back to her pop roots. 

Along with the reveal of the album artwork and title, Perry released the title-track as an instant grat track for fans. Exploding with a euphoric pop production, there is a unique funk groove to ‘Smile’ that is infectious and immediately loveable. 

Exploring the darkness we all face in life that sees us losing our smile for a brief second, she celebrates the glorious moment of when we reclaim our own empowerment and learn to smile again. “Yeah I’m thankful, scratch that, baby I’m grateful. Gotta say it’s really been a while. But now I got back that smile” she euphorically sings during the monster hook. 

Returning to the kitschy pop sound behind songs like ‘Birthday’ and ‘This Is How We Do’, ‘Smile’ is a whole lot of fun sonically. 

If she released this song in 2013 on ‘Prism’ it would be unquestionably a number one hit, but within this competitive new pop market it’s going to be salty one that gets a little forgotten which is a shame because it really is such an empowering and feel good song.