SINGLE REVIEW: Glades – Blonde

Dying your hair peroxide blonde in the wake of a break-up is something I’m well acquainted with. It’s honestly like a right of passage into the next chapter of your life as it can be quite liberating to kill off some of those hair cells and channel a new personal energy. 

I know I’m not alone in this liberating outlook, and Glades have incorporated it into a new banger poignantly titled ‘Blonde’ which is taken from their highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Planetarium’ slated for release later this year. 

Encouraging a friend to make drastic changes and embrace chaotic energy post break-up, lead singer Karina Savage doesn’t hold back from giving her friend all of the impulse ideas. 

“So baby, dye it all blonde. All the things he left in the front lawn. Burn a CD of your favourite song. Put it on, burn it up, up, up” she sings during the chorus before getting even more creative and suggesting “crash a car and have a little more fun. Rob a bank, we can take what we want”. 

Their previous single ‘Vertigo’ was a lot darker sonically with brooding synths driving the heart of the song, where as on ‘Blonde’ they head towards the shiny pop roots of their debut album. Leading with strong guitars, clean pop melodies and pulsating synths, this song is as bright and euphoric as it’s lyrical counterpart. Because of it’s guitar focus, it does bring back an early 2000’s nostalgia which is quite cool.

This song is a whole lot of fun and is going to be the new anthem for my post break-up shenanigans.