SINGLE REVIEW: Gin Wigmore – Feels Like Me

Breaking ties with a major label, Gin Wigmore is a completely independent artist for the first time in her career. To celebrate this artistic freedom, the incredibly talented singer-songwriter is releasing a series of singles throughout 2020 that hears her directly connecting with fans once again. 

‘Feels Like Me’ is a hopeful pop moment that is less gritty than her previous releases, but she doesn’t sacrifice her soulful approach in the process. With a sound that cites similarities to moments in her previous tracks ‘DFU’, ‘Don’t Stop’ and ’Dirty Love’, she takes those early foundations and adds another pop layering that smoothens the delivery. 

Finding that hopeful sentiment within the early stages of love, she reflects on feeling re-born and so super confident with someone that it genuinely feels like this is how life is meant to be.

“I wanna feel brand new with you” she sings during the first verse before proclaiming “feels like you, feels like me, feels like everything is happening the way it should be” in the chorus. But it’s the lyric “sure is nice to see the world is smiling back at me” that will particularly stand out to you because it’s a burst of positivity that we can all relate to when we’re around that special somebody. 

From the very first listen, ‘Feels Like Me’ will have you smiling from ear to ear because it truly is a vision of raw positivity. It also sees her campaigning to bring awareness to Asian Elephants which are an endangered species with a rapidly declining population. With each single release in this new chapter of her career she will be highlighting a different endangered animal of the world and charities involved in their conservation.

For this release, she will be sponsoring Chhouk, a baby Asian Elephant, who is being helped by Wildlife Alliance to get back into the wild again after losing his foot in a poachers snare.