Exciting newcomer alert!! ASHWARYA isn’t hear to play around and she’s just delivered one of the most unpredictable debuts of the year.

‘PSYCHO HOLE’ introduces the Indian-born and now Melbourne-based singer songwriter in an absolute kaleidoscope of sound and attitude. 

Opening with a similar beat to Billie Eilish’s ‘Bury A Friend’, the same dark and brooding vibe with smooth pop vocals layered on top is mapped out. But then it takes an unexpected Rina Sawayama direction in the chorus and switches everything up again with a nostalgic RNB meets hip-hop direction. It’s a little chaotic but it feels so right. 

It’s such an interesting, intriguing and exciting listen that you can’t help but be so mesmerised by it. One listen will not be enough and you will be quickly hitting replay to hear the fusion of sounds again. 

This is literally only the beginning for ASHWARYA and I’m so excited to hear what other genre-bending songs she has for us.