EP REVIEW: Not A Boys Name – The Internet Sucks

Not A Boys Name has been introducing himself to listeners over the past two years with a string of experimental singles that glide in and out to the pop-rock genres. While taking the time to find his stride, he’s finally released his cohesive and theatrical debut EP, ’The Internet Sucks’. 

‘Show Me A Way Or Throw Me Away’ opens the EP with a glitchy collision of high pitched synths that sound like the old dial-up internet modems trying to connect. The brief one minute introduction segues into ‘Two Sides’ which is a bright and upbeat song that explores the distinct two sides of his personality. This is interestingly contrasted by two distinct production styles, with the pop-rock elements driving the songs foundations while an experimental electronic flurry of synths unexpectedly, but welcomingly, makes it way onto the track. 

The EP’s title track and lead single ‘The Internet Sucks’ is a song dedicated to the post-civid world where we are all so addicted to screen time. Sonically found somewhere between Arctic Monkeys and The Killers, this song is equally grand and grunge. It lives in that experimental space where you brain merges different thoughts and ideas together without a second thought.

Just when you think you know where the song is going, a shredding guitar solo from Kirin J Callinan smacks you right in the face. It’s very different and that’s what is great about it, and it rolls right into the bizarre ‘Little Vampire’ which is a lot deeper than the surface level you are first met with. 

The idea of the “little vampire” is a metaphor for depression which comes and sucks the life out of you for no reason. It’s a really interesting take on this deeply personal subject, and it’s quite smart to give it a playful exterior to draw people into something that offers a lot of food for thought. 

Closing the EP with ‘Sleep Paralysis’ featuring Rosie Fitzgerald from I Know Leopard, this track embodies a whole lot of 80’s nostalgia. It has a chaotic undertone sonically which perfectly represents the raw reality of having sleep paralysis. It’s also the EP’s strongest moment as it’s just so visually charged and sonically buoyant. 

The whole EP is experimentally driven as Not A Boys Name cohesively delivers heavy guitars with upbeat production and thought invoking lyrics on every track.  It’s unapologetically him in every way possible, and it’s a very fun listen to dive into.