SINGLE REVIEW: Ellie Goulding feat. Lauv – Slow Grenade

Ellie Goulding’s fourth studio album ‘Brightest Blue’ (out July 17) is promised to be an intimate affair that brings her back to her vulnerable roots as a songwriter. However she’s still wanting to show people her impressive growth and experimentation as an artist, and on top of this 13 track album she has given fans a Side B full of her recent collaborative singles. 

Joining ‘Close To Me’ featuring Diplo & Swae Lee, ‘Hate Me’ featuring Juice WRLD and ‘Worry About Me’ featuring Blackbear is ‘Slow Grenade’, which hears her teaming up with Lauv. 

The upbeat sounding indie-pop track hears the two deeply emotive artists exploring the complexities of a toxic relationship. Acknowledging the apparent toxicity that has overtaken their relationship, they also ponder why they’re still drawn to them. 

“Slow grenade is blowing up my mistakes, so why don’t I, why don’t I stop it? Still got time for me to stop it. It’s like a part of me must want it. That’s why I’m not running from it” they honestly sing during the chorus. 

Through this commentary they beautifully represent of a lot of people’s experience with toxic relationships in a very comforting way. And one line that particularly stood out to me was; “you say my name like you know my dark side” which had a really interesting disposition attached. 

Contrasting the emotional heaviness of the lyrics with a lighter pop sound, it sonically feels like something that would’ve fitted perfectly on her third studio album ‘Delirium’. And with each listen it continually grows on you thanks to its catchy hook.