SINGLE REVIEW: The Veronicas – Biting My Tongue

It’s been six years in-between albums for The Veronicas, but they are finally ready to close that gap later this year with the release of their highly anticipated fourth studio album ‘Human’.

Beginning this new chapter with the euphorically charged ‘Biting My Tongue’, the Brisbane duo aren’t holding back from showcasing the polished essence of their songwriting and their strength in vocal harmonies.

The romantically charged song hears the two singer-songwriters confessing their love for someone after being so afraid of how to do say it, and when would be the right time to. But at the end of the day, there is no time like right now. 

“I really wanna say this, I don’t wanna lose this thing that we’ve got. I’m just telling you how I feel, cause if you walk away and I don’t get to say it, I don’t know what I, what I, what I’d do. I can’t live without you” they confess during the chorus. 

Continuing the tropical-pop sonic that was behind recent singles ‘Think Of Me’, ‘On Your Side’ and ‘In My Blood’, this track immediately takes you to the middle of a dance floor where you can feel the pop beats rhythmically move right through you. 

Starting aesthetically with oozing synths and keys before a pulsating drum kicks in during the verse, they lead into the chorus which once again pulls the reigns in for a brief moment before dropping a club ready tropical-pop beat. 

It has this real euphoric and empowering glow to it which will have you going back immediately for another listen, and then will have you begging to dance to it on a future night out when clubs re-open. 

‘Biting My Tongue’ is a strong and exciting beginning of this new chapter for The Veronicas as it feels fresh, but still manages to hold onto that classic Veronicas spark at its foundational core.