SINGLE REVIEW: Sophia Messa – Ice Cream & Cigarettes

With her debut EP slated for release later this year, Sophia Messa is continuing to introduce herself to listeners through a string of singles that are equally aesthetically enticing and also excitingly fresh. 

‘Ice Cream & Cigarettes’ is a step away from the poppy bounce that inhabited recent single ‘What Am I Gonna Do With You’, and instead heads towards the rhythmic and moody flow of ‘moneydontfixlonely’. 

Reflecting on first love, she gives you a fresh perspective on the concept that is usually depicted by a young innocence and fairytale romance. Exploring how your first love could actually be full of toxicity, she questions their motives and why she’s always still held onto their memories. 

With such vivid imagery highlighted throughout the track, it’s the final lyrics that will stay looped in your mind thanks to it’s raw vulnerability. “Yeah, you were the first guy to ever fuck me over. Maybe it’s the reason I just can’t find any closure” she honestly sings. 

The dark and moody production has this real brooding layering to it but also still manages to offer a glisten of pop sensibility during the chorus. 

‘Ice Cream & Cigarettes’ is another strong song for Sophia Messa which continues to introduce who she is as an artist to a fanbase that has already helped her rake in over 6 million streams on Spotify alone with two releases.