SINGLE REVIEW: Sarah Saint James – Outta This World (F*ckboys From Space)

Sarah Saint James is an artist that is boldly finding her voice. From songwriting with the likes of  Paces, Sadboii, Gia Vorne, Sarah Wolfe, Tyron Hapi, Lakeland and Go Freek, she has been able to experiment with what she wants to say as an artist. Diving into the key foundations of what she 

wants her vision to be, she’s discovered an importance in transparency as well as a drive to be experimental sonically.

Following in the footsteps of her recent introductory singles ‘Bittersweet’ and ‘Brake’, she wants to show listeners that she can’t be placed in a box. ‘Outta This World (F*ckboys From Space) hears the Sydney based singer-songwriter giving you a full DIY sound that is somewhere between the indie-pop stylings of Benee and the theatrical nature of Lady Gaga. 

Reversing the idea of the “crazy girlfriend”, she puts it back on the guy in the relationship and how he may actually be the issue. “I’m wondering about the chance, the luck you’ve been having with girls. If 10/10 have been crazy, then you must be outta this world” she quips during the first verse. 

Using a playful reference to outta space, she questions if his ego is inflated because he is from outta space and some kind of alien. It’s just super fun and sassy. “Take me on your UFO, and strap me down and shoot us straight to Mars. Take me on a rocketship and show me all the hearts you’ve kept in jars” she later sings. 

Layering the storyline with vocal synthesiser and ultra DIY production, she makes sure that this song shows a very innovative side to her artistry, and it’s very exciting.