ALBUM REVIEW: Louis The Child – Here For Now

Louis The Child have continued to prove their status as one of the most exciting and innovative EDM acts through a string of epic tracks. From their early beginnings with ‘It’s Strange’ featuring K.Flay right through to ‘Better Not’ featuring Wafia, and ‘Little Things’ featuring Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler, the Chicago duo have continued to push boundaries. 

Their highly anticipated debut album ‘Here For Now’ hears the Chicago duo embracing the pure beauty of life and the importance of living in the moment. Creating their own kaleidoscope of colour and sound, this fourteen track collection is a vivid experience in it’s own right. It won’t just be the soundtrack of the party, but will also become the soundtrack of making every day a celebration of life. 

Setting the playful tone of the album with ‘Scooter’s Debut’, they introduce the fictional radio presenter Scooter Boswell who is bringing you 43 minutes of bold vibes. Rolling into ‘Big Love’ with Earthgang, the energy is high as the hip-hop roots are laid and then highlighted by EDM qualities. Following in it’s footsteps ‘Bittersweet’ provides a similar vibe before they head into full EDM-Pop territory with recent singles ‘Little Things’ featuring Quinn XCII & Chelsea Cutler, ‘Every Color’ featuring Foster The People and ‘Nobody Like You’ featuring Vera Blue. 

The colourful ‘We All Have Dreams’ featuring K.Flay is an early highlight thanks to it’s empowering sentiment. Reflecting on how we all have at least one dream we want to follow in life, we also all know the challenges that come with trying to make it happen. 

“Everybody livin’ out the age old story. Hurt and then they love and then they fight. Everybody livin’ out the age old story. No one thinks they’re doin’ it right” she sings during the pre chorus. The upbeat production intertwining with the uplifting messaging makes it one that could easily fit on commercial radio. 

In contrast, one of the other highlights on the album is the laid-back and jazz inspired ‘Get Together’ featuring Duckwrth. It’s also one of the albums most unexpected moments as you genuinely assume it’s going to be a classic Duckwrth hype track, but instead he just flips it and gives you full crooner mode. There’s nothing else like it on the album and that’s why it’s so memorable and special. 

From start to finish, ‘Here For Now’ transports you to a world of gratuity as you learn to be not only present with your emotions and the beautifulness of the moment, but also just celebrate that life does have it’s highs and lows, and we are all on this journey together. 

As always, Louis The Child push the boundaries on their production and give you some truly unexpected moments and will have you dancing through the whole 43 minute duration.