SINGLE REVIEW: Trevor Daniel feat. Selena Gomez – Past Life

Following the release of his debut album ‘Nicotine’ earlier this year, and the global success of his single ‘Falling’, Trevor Daniel has re-envisioned one of his strongest album cuts with Selena Gomez that holds a huge mainstream potential. 

‘Past Life’ is a song that is all about realising your worth and escaping a toxic relationship. It’s something that a lot of people fall into the dangerous cycle of, and through the experience they lose the confidence and empowerment they need to stand up for themselves. But this song hears Trevor Daniel and Selena Gomez embracing that hope and individually find their own power. 

“Last night was the last night of my past life” they proudly proclaim during the chorus as they take back the reigns. 

The trap-pop production hasn’t changed from the original version with the same Blackbear inspired vibe shining through, but Selena Gomez’s melodies really bring a fresh pop perspective to the song, and is the perfect light and shade contrast it needed. 

It’s a truly empowering song that will have you feeling the reclaim of power. And if you’ve ever been stuck in a toxic relationship, you will singalong to the chorus like you’re singing it in the face of that person, and that’s truly liberating.