SINGLE REVIEW: Mike Waters – I’m Doing Fine

Following his recent signing to Sony Music, Mike Waters is starting a whole new chapter in his solo music. After working tirelessly behind the scenes writing songs with some of your favourites artists like Louis Tomlinson, Demi Lovato and Mitch James, the Melbourne singer-songwriter is finally stepping back into the spotlight. 

‘I’m Doing Fine’ is the first candid taste of his new sound, as he opens up vulnerably about mental health and toxic masculinity in contemporary society. Taking the listener on a journey of self reflection, he tries to tell everyone he’s fine and that his thoughts aren’t eating him alive, when in reality he’s not doing fine. He learns that he just needs to open up to people and find transparency because we are all human and the only way we can really grow is by opening up. 

“The only way I know, only way I was ever shown, was how to deal with this alone” he sings during the pre-chorus as he sets the preface for growing up with the ideology that “real men don’t show emotions”. So as he glides through the song, his mindset shifts and he finally unravels to his close friends. “Don’t let the weight on my shoulders keep on weighing me down, for one minute longer. I’m so tired. So can you help me? I’m not doing fine” he admits. 

Contrasting the heaviness of the lyrics with a fulfilled pop production, the song falls into anthemic territory and has a similar sound to ‘Mercy’ by Shawn Mendes and ‘Waves’ by Dean Lewis. Beginning with just the simple strumming of an acoustic guitar the song then builds with big drums and atmospheric pop beats.

‘I’m Doing Fine’ is a strong debut for Mike Waters following his signing to Sony Music as it foreshadows a huge growth in his artistry from his independent days and from all the songwriting he’s been doing overseas with other artists.