SINGLE REVIEW: JP Saxe – Hey Stupid, I Love You

JP Saxe is a newcomer on the rise! Following the global success of ‘If The World Was Ending’ with Julia Michaels and the introductory foundations of his vulnerable debut EP ‘Hold It Together’, the Canadian singer-songwriter is ready to continue showing all of the different sides of his artistry.

Transparency is key, and through all of these early releases he’s showed the honest highs and lows of love and mental health. He hasn’t shied away from letting listeners into the darkest corners of his mind as he breaks those emotional barriers down. 

His new single ‘Hey Stupid, I Love You’ is another transparent look at the true realities of love. It reflects on how we all think and process things differently, and it’s about understanding what the person we love may think and feel, and validating that it’s okay for them to feel like that instead of making them feel like they aren’t heard. 

He sings about his girlfriend’s insecurities which flair up when they aren’t together and having to navigate that. It’s something that we all deal with differently, and I know that personally in my past relationships I’ve been the insecure one that’s needed validation because of the thoughts that were circling in my head. It’s not been something that my ex boyfriends have been good as navigating, and I wish they had said some of the things that JP candidly sings in this song. 

“You’re jealous, you shouldn’t be. I want you obsessively. But I know how complicated it can get when you’re not in front of me. I know insecurities get in your head. But I’m not gonna interrupt if you need to talk about it. Roll my eyes or get offended by the way you doubt it. You know you’re mine, you just forget sometimes” he sings during the chorus. 

It’s such an honest and vulnerable song that sonically rolls with a simple pop beat that allows his raw reflections be the fore-focus of the listeners mind when they’re listening. It also allows his personality to shine through which is then translated to the ultra-dorky and cute music video which is honestly brilliant.