SINGLE REVIEW: Guy Sebastian – Standing With You

After experimenting deeply with his sound on his eighth studio album ‘Conscious’ and going full empowering pop-funk on recent hit ‘Choir’, Guy Sebastian has stripped it all back and returned to ballad territory for his highly anticipated new single.

‘Standing With You’ is a simple pop-ballad that relies solely on his vocals and pure emotion to invoke the similar heaviness that was behind ‘Choir’. Reflecting on the mental health journey of a close family member, Sebastian makes sure that they know that he is standing with them. It’s a song about solidarity and being there for the ones you love during the dark moments that consume all of us. 

“Instead of telling you ‘You’ll be alright’, I’m just gonna be that someone by your side. Yeah, let me be that distant satellite, a constant in the sky” he candidly sings during the pre chorus. And then during the chorus he declares; “Cause I’m standing with you tonight. Yeah, I will be that voice in your ear. Quietly destroying your fear. You won’t even know that I’m here. But I’m standing with you tonight”.

The production is very simple but slightly predictable as it sounds like a classic Guy Sebastian ballad (eg. ‘Set In Stone’ and ‘Get Along’). However It is deliberately minimalist as he wants the story and message to have the real focus, and that is very important. But I was waiting for a bigger moment in this song to leave me feeling super raw, and it just never came.