SINGLE REVIEW: Chelsea Cutler feat. Noah Kahan – Crazier Things

Earlier this year Chelsea Cutler released her honest debut album ‘How To Be Human’ full of big pop songs with a whole lot of heart. But one of the albums purest and clear standout moments was the raw ‘Crazier Things’. Deciding to give that song it’s own spotlight, the Connecticut singer-songwriter has re-recorded the song with Noah Kahan to give two unique perspectives. 

Holding onto the raw production of the original, Noah has added his perspective in during the second verse, and then continually harmonises and sings the rest of the song with Cutler. It’s simultaneously so soothing and heartbreaking to hear their voices intertwine with each other while they candidly get so deep.

Reflecting on the hard realities of heartbreak, they question if the other person is thinking of them they way that they are. And from going through the motions, they ponder the possibility of there being a future. 

“Do you not dream of me? Cause I have visions in my sleep. I can’t ever find my peace now. Do you wake up alone and feel an aching in your bones? Or are you happy without me now?” they question during the bridge before the chorus smashes your heart in two with this line;  “Oh, I’ll spend my whole life missing a part of me, part of me. Oh, I’ll spend my whole life hoping your heart is free, heart is free”. 

The original version of this track was heartbreaking but this re-envisioned duet is a whole new level of magical and will have you really wanting to cry while listening to it.