SINGLE REVIEW: Kita Alexander – I Miss You, I’m Sorry

It’s not always easy to admit fault and take blame for the mistakes you’ve made, and it’s something we’ve all struggled with at one point or another in our lives. But Kita Alexander is taking full ownership of her actions with her poignantly titled new single ‘I Miss You, I’m Sorry’. 

The groovy indie-pop moment hears the Northern NSW singer-songwriter looking inwards instead of pointing the finger and moving blame at the end of a relationship. Reflecting on how she may have been the reason why it ended, she asks for them to give her a second chance and admits all the things she did wrong in a candidly honest fashion. 

“I miss you, I’m sorry, come home to me love. I’m a joke, I’m a mess, not the best, just forget the rest. I’ma make it up to you, no matter what I got to do” she sings during the hypnotic hook.

Layering this honest lyrical delivery with a playful production, she continues exploring the groovy sonical foundations behind her recent singles ‘Between You & I’ and ‘Against The Water’. Opening with a Haim inspired guitar riff in the first verse, she then strips it back to a soothing pre-chorus before unleashing a bold chorus that brings back a captivating riff and beat. It’s absolutely infectious.

‘I Miss You, I’m Sorry’ is definitely one of her boldest and most memorable tracks yet, and will have you ready to immediately press replay.