SINGLE REVIEW: Jack Gray – I Got 3

Jack Gray has been introducing himself to world over the past two years with his honest mix of vulnerable emotions and indie-pop production. But now he’s ready to take a bigger step in opening himself up to listeners as he prepares for the release of his highly anticipated debut album. 

‘I Got 3’ is the perfect representation of the fulfilled sonic he’s heading towards while still capturing that raw vulnerability that has always filtered through. 

Reflecting on knowing how you feel about someone but being too scared to share it just yet, he doesn’t want things to change from the ultra bliss he’s experiencing with them. It’s the late nights, deep conversations and candid moments that has him feeling this way, and he’s enjoying living in that moment. 

“Where do we go now, cause we got this whole town. I got three words that might be hard to hold down. I got 3, I got 3, I got 3” he sings during the chorus. It’s the perfect embodiment of young love that we are all familiar with. 

Continuing the fresh indie-pop sonic that he’s be experimenting with since ‘My Hands’ and ‘Drunk Talk’, he has this sleek polish glisten over the top that makes it feel like it belongs in the soundtrack of a coming of age Netflix film. It’s got that chasing sunsets vibe to it thank to it’s chilled out guitar riff that intertwines with a pulsating drum beat. 

It’s such a pure and emotive song that is ultimately catchy, and is the perfect beginning for this next chapter in Jack Gray’s musical journey.