SINGLE REVIEW: Hartley – Underwater

Hartley has been busy introducing herself to the world over the past year with a continuous string of emotionally charged songs soaked in an innovative DIY production, and she wants everyone to know that she’s not slowing down any time soon. 

Following the release of her debut EP earlier this year, the Brisbane singer, songwriter and producer is already oozing her way into the next chapter with recent singles ‘Bittersweet’ and ‘Feel Too Much’ which showed listeners an immediate growth in her sound.

Keeping the releases rolling, ‘Underwater’ is a moody deep-dive into heavy emotions while still managing to maintain a captivating electronic-pop sound that will have you wanting to dance and cry simultaneously. 

Reflecting on the end of a relationship, she ponders on the realisation that it just wasn’t meant to be which is still really hard to swallow because it doesn’t mean you don’t still love them, it just means you finally understand that you deserve more. 

“I’m beneath the surface and it isn’t working. Started falling for you, and now I’m underwater” she sings during the heartfelt chorus. 

Co-produced by Perto, the two have created this dark and brooding sonical world for this song to live in that has a glimpse of hope trickling in as she starts to come out of the water after being submerged by her feelings for so long. It’s deep, and you will be ultimately captivated.