SINGLE REVIEW: RARIA – Will You Tell Your Girlfriend?

Introducing herself to the world through a bright pop sound, RARIA is the new musical project by Melbourne singer-songwriter Rachel Costanzo. We first discovered this talented artist in 2013 when she released ‘Blindside’ and have followed her on her self discovery journey while she’s explored her pop sound and collaborated with EDM producers. 

Now boldly ready to step back into the spotlight as a redefined artist, RARIA is a confident representation of who she wants to be artistically. Her debut single ‘Will You Tell Your Girlfriend?’ playfully cements the polished foundations that this project exudes and simultaneously has you dreamily intrigued in where she will go next. 

Exploring the messy complications of romantically getting involved with someone who is already in a relationship, she questions her guilt along with her intentions that would see her doing it again in a heartbeat. 

“And I didn’t think much of it cause we hooked up all night, and it felt perfect. And if I’m worth it, will you tell your girlfriend?” she ponders during the hook. 

Produced by New Zealand’s Rory Noble, the song glides into Hailee Steinfeld and Zara Larsson territory with it’s smooth pop delivery that interpolates electronic elements.

It’s a song that belongs on pop radio with it’s bold delivery that contrasts a playful and vulnerable attitude together. It’s a strong debut for RARIA and is ultimately only the beginning for her.