SINGLE REVIEW: Paige – Cold Blooded

Paige is one of New Zealand’s most exciting newcomers. Following the deeply vulnerable ‘Yellow’ which was released earlier this year, she has another new song for us to get all emotionally choked up on.

‘Cold Blooded’ hears her reflecting on the end of a relationship that has lost it’s spark and is leaning into toxic territory because they are both hanging on and not wanting to be the one that breaks up with the other person. It’s an easy cycle to get stuck in when you do genuinely care about the person and are comfortable with them, but at the end of the day it isn’t healthy.

“We’re both tryna fake it and I don’t wanna just pretend that we’re gonna make it when we both know it’s bound to end” she admits during the opening moments of the first verse.  

The slow burning indie-pop track cruises through a laid back production which is quite minimalistic and follows a similar vibe to ‘Yellow’. It’s retrospective, personal and candid, and while it doesn’t oversaturate any production it’s still engaging and memorable.