SINGLE REVIEW: Nicole Millar – 4U

Over the past few months Nicole Millar has re-emerged with new music, a new attitude and a new confidence within her sound. Following her recent releases ‘Favours’ and ‘I should probably go to therapy’, the Sydney singer-songwriter has dived into a darker alt-pop sound that her introductory EP ‘Tremble’ originally experimented with. 

Finding the right contrast of vulnerability and hard hitting production, she has released a minimalist new single that takes listeners on a journey of infatuation. Exploring the complexities of feelings, she questions why her love interest is taking their time in showing their feelings, and ponders if they are even aware of their deep connection. 

“I think you’re waiting for someone. I think you’re scared I’m the one. Don’t you know I do it for you? Don’t you know I’m the one for you?” she sings during the trap-pop inspired hook. 

It’s a very captivating and simple pop song that is straight to the point and brutally honest. She is fighting for this love that feels so right, but is also simultaneously emotionally exhausting and tiring. 

The production has this deep hip-hop and trap beat driving the verses and chorus, but she layers a smooth pop vocal deliver on top that contrasts the sounds so effortlessly. It’s a very captivating listen that cohesively further explores this re-discovery of her sound and artistry.